BeyBlade Burst Codes – What are those?

What are they For?

Nepstrius N2 QR code

Nepstrius N2 QR code

If your new to BeyBlades, then maybe you don’t know that there is a QR (Quick Response) Code underneath the center of every top. (If there is no QR code, then it is most-likely a counterfeit beyblade – yes they do exist!) If you play BeyBlade Burst IRL (In Real Life), or have a child that does, then maybe you know about these QR codes, but don’t know what their purpose is. Or perhaps you are part of the group that has downloaded the Hasbro Beyblade Burst App onto your device & are fully aware of what those QR Codes are for! And yes, the QR Codes are for you to scan the beys that you have IRL into app for Free BeyBlade battling online!

How do you do it?

  1. Well first you have to download it!
    1. Download for Android
    2. Download for Iphone
  2. Then you choose your user name.
  3. Next you pick your “Team Badge.”
    1. It’s actually your home region – but to each his own.
  4. Lastly, you choose your avatar & avatar color!


BeyBlade Burst App for Android

Beyblade Battling online game that you can downoal in the app store – so you can play online with your friends near and far!

Now you’re all set up & ready for game play. So do you see that little doohickey in the bottom left corner? That’s where you can scan those BeyBlade Burst QR codes so that you can battle online with the same beys that you have in real life!

Different Brand – Different App

As much as I’d like to say, “That’s all there is to know!”, I can’t because then I wouldn’t be telling the truth. The two above mentioned apps only work with the Hasbro Beyblade Burst Codes. There is a completely different app for the Takara Tomy BeyBlade Burst Codes. And I believe that neither of these apps work with the Sonokong BeyBlade Burst Codes. Here is the Link to Download the Takara Tomy BeyBlade Burst App:

Download For Android

And that’s right, you guessed it! This app is only available for android users. It is available to iOS users – in Japan, and Japan alone.

So Beysically

The BeyBlade Burst QR codes really only hold significance for you if you play BeyBlade Burst on the app. If you’re thinking about purchasing physical Beys with the intention of also scanning them into your BeyBlade Burst App, then make sure that you are getting the right brand so that it is compatible with whatever app you have chosen.


Let it Rip!

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