BeyBlade Burst – The Basics

BeyBlade Burst – The Basics

There are 6 Necessary Components to a BeyBlade Burst Battle:


Turbo Bey Slingshock Forneus pictured with a starter launcher

  1. Launcher
  2. Rip Cord
  3. Performance Tip (Bottom of BeyBlade)
  4. Weighted Forge Disc (Middle of BeyBlade)
  5. Energy Layer (Top of BeyBlade)
  6. BeyBlade Stadium (Not Pictured Here)

There are many different types of each of these parts & they all have different causes & effects on the battle.

  • Starter Pack Launchers can be connected so that you can launch multiple Beyblades at once. This is helpful if you want to have a battle but don’t have anyone to battle with, or if you want to see which bey is the best amongst a group. There are also Dual Launchers that can serve the same purpose, but they can only hold 2 BeyBlades at a time. There are also more “powerful” launchers than the “basic” one that I have pictured here.
  • Rip Cords come in different lengths as well as with grips on the end. A longer rip cord could come in handy if you are connecting multiple launchers because while you can connect as many launchers as you like, you can still only use one rip cord to launch the attached Beys. Some launchers don’t require a rip cord because they come with a “pull-string” instead.
  • The Performance Tip composition (rubber or plastic), shape, height, and weight will have the most effect on how your Bey Battles as well as what “type” it is.
  • The Forge Disc shape, weight, & design will mostly affect your Bey’s speed & balance, which will ultimately affect its stamina.
  • The Energy Layer design & weight will most affect how your BeyBlade impacts other BeyBlades in battle.
  • The BeyBlade Stadium will help you to choose which type of BeyBlade that you want to use. There are:
BeyBlade Burst Evolution Stadium

Multi-level BeyBlade Burst Stadium that we bout our son for Christmas last year

If you don’t have a BeyBlade stadium, you can still play the game. We have improvised with all sorts of things, from a big mixing bowl to a pot lid!


There are 3 Different “Levels” of Beyblades:

  1. BeyBlade Burst
  2. BeyBlade Burst Evolution/God
  3. BeyBlade Burst Turbo/Cho-Z
  • The BeyBlade Burst Beys are visually different in that they have a rounded Bubble circle in their center.
  • The Evolution Beys still have the circle in the center, but they are flat rather than a bubble.
  • The Turbo Beyblades have no circle in the center; their picture spans over the middle of the top.

In my experience, most of the BeyBlade Burst Beys Burst a lot easier than the God Beys or the Turbo Beys, making them less desirable in battle. However, if your opponent is using them also or if you are looking for a louder more “eventful”, although perhaps shorter, match, then this may be the route for you.

There are 4 Different Types of BeyBlades:

  1. Attack
  2. Defense
  3. Stamina
  4. Balance
  • Attack types are known for their speed & recoil; not so much for their stamina.
  • Defense types are commonly heavy with medium stamina so they can continue spinning despite attacks.
  • Stamina types tend to stand taller & have sharper performance tips to help them outspin opponents.
  • Balance types are basically a mix of all 3 categories

There are 3 Brands of BeyBlade Burst:

  1. Takara Tomy
  2. Hasbro
  3. Sonokong

Takara Tomy of Japan is the original BeyBlade creator. Hasbro is its American Counterpart. Although the Takara Tomy BeyBlades seem to perform better in battle, the Hasbro Beys are more locally available for many beybladers worldwide. Sonokong is the Korean version of BeyBlade Burst, but their bey names align with the Japanese names. These are the only 3 official brands of BeyBlade Burst, but the accessories for game play come in many other brands. However, I would not advise buying off-brand Beyblades themselves as they sometimes perform extremely poorly. Also, they do not have the QR Code so you would not be able to scan them into the mobile app game.

How To Play

  1. Clear The Space – No one wants to get hit with a flying elbow!
  2. Let It Rip – Pull Your Rip Cord or Drawstring as hard as you can!
  3. Play to 2 points
    • 1 point for a Survivor Finish – Spinning longer than your opponent
    • 1 point for a Ring Out Finish – Knocking your opponent out of the arena
    • 2 points for a  Burst Finish – Bursting your opponent’s BeyBlade

So “Beysically”

You need to have a launcher, complete with rip cord or drawstring, a beyblade (all 3 parts), and some sort of confined area for BeyBlade Burst play. You can try it in an open hard surface area, but the beys might just spin listlessly, never even hitting each other, and ultimately bursting or ending up in the most inconvenient place, like under the oven or between the counter & the refrigerator.

Let It Rip!

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