A Little About Me

BeyBlader, Mom of 4, Lover of All 🙂

I Try To Be Active With My Children

I’m a millennial. So I was born before technology took over. Going outside riding bikes, jumping rope, or roller blading with my sister & cousin were some of my favorite past times. But I loved a good indoor game just the same, whether it was jacks, old maid, or hide & seek. I want nothing less for my children! They don’t have any tablets, nor do we have an X box or a PlayStation. We have Netflix & we have a Wii!


But All The Other Kids Were Doing it

Thankfully 3 of my children aren’t yet school age. However, one of them is, and of course all of his friends are playing Fortnight on one console or another. Every classmate is a social media professional. My son clings to my every Technology free fad that comes along, from fidget spinners & Pokemon cards, to bakugan. I tried to get involved in those, but they were simply boring. Then we stumbled on BeyBlades, the show on Netflix that is. Before I knew it, my son was trading his fidget spinners for BeyBlades and Launchers. And of course there was the constant, “Hey mommy, you wanna battle?” But I knew nothing about this game!


Let It Rip!

Alongside fiancee & children, I’ve watched every BeyBlade episode as well as watched some pretty cool YouTube videos regarding the topic. It turns out they’re pretty popular but the information about them is scattered. If you’re here, you probably have just as many questions as I did when I started this adventure. Please comment below anything specific that you’d like to read about or have any questions about!

Let’s do this,


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